Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Probably My Longest Post Ever...Yay!!!

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. Basically, I've been so absorbed in school and freaking out over all the good bands that are releasing albums next year, that I just haven't thought about it all that much. For that, I apologize.

There is so much I need to cover.

First of all, I will admit that in the last year, I have only listened to a few songs off of We The Kings' second album, and only recently finished listening to it all the way through, including deciding to swallow my distaste for Demi Lovato and listen to "We'll Be a Dream." Since that moment, I have a new found respect for her and no longer plan to make fun of her for being a Disney star. Miley Cyrus is still fair game, however, as are the Jonas Brothers. Anyway, the song is by far my favorite off of the CD and is just absolutely incredible.

Second of all, All Time Low's Christmas song, "Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass," is probably the single greatest Christmas song ever written. If you've just gone through a bad break up with someone who still treats you like the gum on the bottom of their shoe, listen to this song, it will brighten up your day, guaranteed. Also, I have to admit that I am beyond stoked for the release of their fourth full length album, Dirty Work, said to be released in March of 2011. If you haven't heard the demo for the song, "Actors," look it up. Even though it won't be on Dirty Work, it is still one of the best songs they have ever written.

Third of all, Patrick Stump has failed to come back from the endless fail abyss that was created by Fall Out Boy's Infinity on High. The former lead singer recently released two different versions of the same song, "Spotlight," looking for feedback from fans. Needless to say, the majority of the fans that commented were disappointed. I think everyone was hoping for the same thing that I was hoping for; a return of the music that we all knew and loved. However, "Spotlight" is nothing but a reminder of what one of the most incredible bands from my middle school days became: The definition of epic fail. Sorry, Patrick Stump. You haven't escaped Pete Wentz's fail shadow yet.

Fourth on the list, Pete Wentz has a new band?! What?! This of course, is after he released a statement on the subject of Fall Out Boy's breakup, saying, "I think the world needs a little less Pete Wentz." Which is the reason I'm confused as to why he would start another band. Maybe it's just to spit in the faces of everyone who hates him (coughcoughTHEWORLDcoughcough). Maybe he's just stupid. Either way, if someone eggs his house and tells me about it, I will give them a high five, a hug, and maybe a hundred dollars. Also, this Bebe Rexha must be pretty stupid as well if she really thinks it's a good idea to start a band with him. I'll have to listen to Black Cards to be able to give a proper review, but I'm really afraid of losing brain cells and the possibility of my ears bleeding.

Fifth up, is Panic! at the Disco is back!!! :D They even returned the exclamation point to their name, which earns them a handful of brownie points in my book. Despite the departure of guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker, the two remaining members (lead singer Brendon Urie, and drummer Spencer Smith) have pulled through and announced that they will be releasing their third album sometime early next year. The Young Veins (the two former members' new band), on the other hand, has taken an indefinite break, announced by Jon Walker on Twitter a few days ago. Maybe we'll see a return of the whole band. We can only hope, I suppose.

Sixth (Holy Jesus, the list just keeps going), MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!! Hahaha. I'm sure everyone else was just as excited as my friends and I were, but at the same time, it's possible I'm wrong. The release of Danger Days has officially restored the faith that I had in this incredible band before The Black Parade, which would have been a good CD, if it hadn't been a My Chem CD. But the boys are back, older, more mature, and more like comic book characters than ever before. I do have to say that their recent music videos for "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na)" and "Sing" have both been artistic, entertaining, and incredibly depressing, though. Hopefully the Kill Joys are brought back to life in the next music video.

And last, but most definitely not least, Cherri Bomb. After reading about these girls in AP, I felt compelled to go listen to them. To say the least, they're amazing. Colorful hair, outrageous clothing, heavy bass lines,  fantastic drum beats and intense guitar solos matched with four girls' incredible voices and inspiring lyrics makes them top of my list for Most Amazing Chick Band of the Year. I encourage everyone to go listen to their song "Spin."

Well, that's all for today. I'll post more in the next few weeks. I know that I left out quite a few things I wanted to talk about, including the most adorable song on the planet (which I will be reviewing in my next post...hopefully), and my opinion on Jeffree Star's song "I'm in Love (With a Killer)." But I will cover those soon. Hopefully I figure out a good schedule for posting. Well, ta ta for now.

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