Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Digging the Graves

So, in the past month or so, I have become aware of several unsigned artists, but the three that really stand out are the Graves, Sam Tsui, and Katie Mahree. All of which, surprisingly, I discovered through Facebook.

When you hear about a band consisting of three brothers, everyone's automatic response is "dear God, please don't let them be like the Jonas Brothers," and I would be lying if I said that that's not what I thought. But these boys are not only a thousand times better than the Disney owned tween dream band, but they have restored my faith in family based bands. With only 842 YouTube subscribers, and just over a thousand followers on Twitter, Sean, Chris and Kevin Graves are one of the best unsigned bands I have heard in a long time. Their song "So Soon" was made into an independent music video on YouTube and is by far on of the top three most adorable songs I heard in 2010,  only being beaten out by "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes, and "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. You can follow the on Twitter (@TheGraves), Facebook, and YouTube (digginthegraves), and I definitely encourage everyone to head over to iTunes and download their song "So Soon." You won't regret it.

As far as cover artists go, Sam Tsui can make even a Britney Spears song into a song that will make you swoon. But don't judge him only on how well he sings music written by others, because a cover artist is not the only thing he does. His music video for "Don't Want an Ending" has had over 4 million views on YouTube, and has made me rethink the way that I have always viewed pop music. His voice stands out in the same way that Adam Lambert's did when he auditioned for American Idol. It wouldn't take to much more for this guy to hit the big time.You can find him on YouTube under KurtHugoSchnieder. Sam Tsui auditioned for Glee, and obviously, though highly unfortunately, did not get the part. Despite this fact, my personal belief is that he doesn't need a TV show to get the fame that he so rightly deserves for all of his hard work. All he needs is the YouTube channel, and all of those 4 million viewers. He is also on iTunes. Definitely check him out.

And now last, but most definitely not least, Katie Mahree. There are hundreds of thousands of girls who think that just because they can play three chords on a guitar, that they are musicians, and lets be honest, a good majority of them aren't. But if you sift through all of the dirt and trash in the music industry, every once in a while, up comes a diamond. Katie Mahree is that diamond. I have known her since seventh grade, so I may be a bit biased, but she has more raw, musical talent than anyone else I know. She writes all of her own songs, records them, and posts them on her Facebook page, including one of my favorites by her, "Baby Blues," a song she wrote for one of her best friends. Again, I may be a tad bit biased because she is a friend of mine, but don't take my word, go check her out yourself on Facebook. Just search Katie Mahree, and like the page. It's pretty simple. Then scroll through her wall and listen to all of her incredible songs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to say that you were one of the first people to listen to her music, because I guarantee you, in the next five years tops, Katie Mahree will be all over MTV, VH1 and Fuse. So go check her out now.

And now to wrap up the last month worth of music epic-ness. 1) I went and listened to Black Cards (big mistake), and to put it nicely, and to save you all from that horrible experience, let me give you a bit of advice; don't listen to them. Pete Wentz has officially secured his spot in the fail abyss with this band. 2) We The Kings is recording again, and I for one, cannot wait to hear their new stuff. 3) "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" is the new single by Panic! at the Disco, and I have to admit, I'm quite impressed. If the rest of Vices and Virtues is even half as good, the CD is going to be incredible. 4) P!nk's new single "F*ckin' Perfect" has to be the most inspirational, heart wrenching/warming song I have ever heard in my entire life. 5) Craig Mabbit needs to stop insulting Ronnie Radke and admit that he is the reason Escape the Fate is chilling with Pete Wentz in the fail abyss. 6) The Summer Set is one of the best bands I have ever had the pleasure of listening to in my entire life. And 7) The Ready Set is in the same boat as The Summer Set. 

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  1. Ruthless Rae,

    Thanks so much for the generous review! We are currently finishing up our first full album coming out this spring. Keep up the good work we enjoy reading your blog.

    - The Graves